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About Pandema

Pandema develops many types of IT solutions and applications for industry that work around and add value to products’ built-in systems.

Our solutions and applications include monitoring systems, service systems, payment systems and much more.

IT that makes it easier for companies and consumers

There are many types of IT solutions that make the use of built-in systems work more smoothly both for personnel in a particular business and for consumers.

Among the applications and apps used by companies are IT solutions that facilitate the work of service technicians, systems for testing products before they leave the factory, tools for programming software and payment systems that make it possible to charge per use of a certain product .

Among the IT solutions for consumers there are, for example, applications and apps that provide added value in use. There are things like connectivity systems where you can, for example, create your own washing program for a washing machine, follow the shipping of an ordered product and much more.